Microtest 7630 Hipot Tester

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  • Hi pot ACW 5KV/30mA
  • Hi pot DCW 6KV/10mA
  • Insulation 1KV/12000MΩ
  • Arcing detection
  • Measuring Time (0.1 ~ 999s)
  • Adjustable ramp time (0.1 ~ 10s)
  • Safety Switch(INTER LOCK)
  • Option PC Link Software
  • Support AC 5000V, DC 6000V, Insulation Resistance 12GΩ
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The MICROTEST 7630 is a versatile 3-in-1 test instrument designed for AC withstand voltage, DC withstand voltage, and insulation resistance testing. It can handle a maximum AC withstand voltage of 5000V with a leakage current of 30mA, and a maximum DC withstand voltage of 6000V with a leakage current of 10mA. Additionally, it offers a maximum insulation resistance of 12000MΩ. The device supports PC connectivity for remote programming and test data storage. It also integrates with barcode scanners to facilitate production traceability management through barcode scanning.


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